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Enterprise idea
The unification spirit of enterprise, the enterprise values' approval causes the Zhejiang jade to rise to have the formidable centripetal force and the cohesive force, the jade rises the culture is a property, it passes through harmoniously in each Branch office and in the management and operation work, by the intangible asset tangible asset, has formed many practical new results exactly.

The enterprise culture - - jade rises to sow seeds the enterprise culture
Developmental strategy: Makes the international first-class medical apparatus to make the base, struggles for the human health.
Management idea: The humanist management concept, the moral character mold which starts a career by the letter, by the technique innovation's developmental strategy, the goal which serves the country by Germany.
Quality policy: Self-criticizes, the innovation, to pay attention to the human health.

The good faith is the book, the savant line far - - devotes to set up the good faith image
The good faith, is person's thought and the behavior moral excellence, is principle which we treat people handle matters; Is also the enterprise survival and the development cornerstone, is the enterprise develops the principle which the production and operating activities must observe. ¡°the credit is one kind of capital, this kind of capital is invisible, however it is actually very precious; The credit does not have the weight, actually may let the human have light insignificant thing, may let person's mind be broad, takes a long-range approach; The credit does not have the color, actually may let person's mood be gloomy, be pale, may let person's mood be soaring, be joyful!¡±

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